communtiy garden in Brooklyn

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Container gardening

Seeds are sprouting! It's very exciting!

The orange buckets holds a strawberry plant in a self watering container. I only have to add water through the pipe once a week!

In the pots are thyme and parsley that hung in there and endoured winter indoors and decided to come back this spring.

In the long blue container are my lettuce sprouts!

The milk crate concoction is my attempt to utilize what I had for container growing and so far it is working. I put rocks in the bottom of the milk crate, placed a (biodegradable) garbage bag inside the crate and poked a bunch of holes in it, filled it with organic potting mix and topped it off with my very own compost. I planted peas in it and I am hoping they will climb up the bars on the window..already the seeds are beginning to sprout as of today!

My seeds indoors have sprouted as well, except for the ones in the egg cartons..not sure if those are going to work or not. The ones in the little pots are doing great though! I'm going to have tons of cilantro hopefully!

I got ideas for container gardening from a book called The Urban Homesteader (your guide to self-sufficient living in the heart of the city) by kelly coyne and erik knutzen...
Next up..chickens....:)

Cheesy beer bread

Beer bread is probably the easiest, tastiest bread you could ever make. You can add whatever you want to this basic recipe:
3 cups of flour (I used half whole wheat and half bread flour)
1 T baking powder
1 T sugar (or honey)
1 t salt
14 oz beer

I also added dubliner stout cheese and romano cheese
red pepper flake
worsetershire sauce
a bit of whiskey for good measure
and some coffee because I drank some of the beer and needed more liquid

Rob has been raving about this bread for 2 days now. I happen to think it is pretty awesome myself. First we just ate it with butter, last night we made grilled cheese with it. YUM!

I don't think this will be on any school menu's, but it should, because it's so easy!